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Clavister Subscriptions is our answer to the current trend of a bewildering array of subscriptions, services, options and choices that customers are faced with when deciding on a new network security solution. We offer you two options to give you the best fit between flexibility and choice.

Choose between Clavister Security Subscription (CSS), which includes everything and is designed to take the guesswork out of the equation and give you everything you will ever need to run a successful network security solution. Or choose Clavister Product Subscription (CPS), which includes software updates, centralized management support, 24/7 technical support and hardware replacement. Each of these subscriptions are available in 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months service plans. Flexible and smart, just choose coverage and length.

Buying a network security solution from Clavister is more than just taking delivery of the product. Clavister Subscriptions will maximize your investment and offer you years of trouble-free operations.

The Clavister Subscriptions covers all relevant areas surrounding your product, such as product security services, software updates, hardware services, technical support and with CSS, product services are also included.

Note! A Clavister Subscription is a mandatory service. For more detailed information about Clavister Subscriptions, download the Clavister Subscriptions brochure.

Product Services

One of the key benefits with the Clavister Security Subscription (CSS) is that you get all our product services. This means that you have access to Clavister Application Control (AC), Clavister Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP), Clavister Anti-Virus (AV) and Clavister Web Content Filtering (WCF) for all your products. Now you can set up your Clavister product exactly as you want without having to figure out which license has what capabilities. Ease of use, simplicity and coverage are the key areas for CSS.

Centralized Management

You will also have access to Clavister InControl, our comprehensive centralized management system and Clavister Web Management. It has never been easier to manage your Clavister products, either a single unit or 1 000 units.

Note:Clavister Product Subscription (CPS) does not include any Product Services, only Centralized Management.

Software Updates

Keeping current with software updates is crucial in a security environment. New updates fix potential security issues and make products increasingly more stable and secure. Clavister Subscriptions includes not only maintenance releases, but also major and minor releases. This means that you also get all the new features we develop, which enables you to do more with your Clavister products. For detailed information about current and supported cOS releases, please visit our Product Lifecycle section.

Hardware Services

For customers with hardware products, Clavister Security Subscription offers a number of services aimed at keeping your Clavister solution fully operational at all times and minimize any unplanned downtime.

Standard Hardware Warranty

All physical Clavister products feature a standard two (2) year return-and-repair return material authorization (RMA) warranty service. The Clavister Standard Hardware Warranty asserts that the hardware components will be free from defects in material and workmanship when used in accordance with the applicable user documentation. The warranty period starts with the earliest date of either the date when the product is registered or ninety (90) days after shipment from Clavister.

Technical Support

Buying a Clavister network security solution means more than just a product delivery. To ensure that you get the best out of your Clavister solution, we have included the support from our award-winning technical support organization in all Clavister Subscriptions. The technical support team is part of our Clavister Customer Advocacy group, which also include our professional service personnel and professional training personnel. Our team of certified technical support engineers offer 24/7/365 support in selected regional languages, including English, Swedish and Mandarin.

Technical Support Resources

Contacting our Technical Support team is easy; just log in to My Clavister and access the Help Desk section. Here you can manage your current support tickets and create new support and RMA tickets. You can also use the My Licenses section to view your registered licenses, register new licenses and search for licenses. Furthermore, there are a lot of interesting resources available in the Resources section, such as Customer Spotlights, Product Data Sheets and White Papers.