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FiberPatrol® FPRAMS

Remote Alarm Management System

The FiberPatrol Remote Alarm Management System (FPRAMS) is a network-based software platform for enterprise-wide perimeter security integration and alarm management.

FPRAMS integrates FiberPatrol intrusion detection systems and third-party sensors with video surveillance and provides alarm notifications and automatic alarm handling.

FPRAMS is based on a Server-Client architecture that permits multiple protected sites to be monitored from one or several locations simultaneously. When integrated with a CCTV system, FPRAMS automatically activates PTZ camera presets based on reported alarm locations. An operator is presented with active site maps, live security video, and on-screen PTZ controls. The software combines behind-the-scene sophistication with an intuitive user interface that has the familiar look and feel of a standard Windows application.

Operational Overview


  • Network-enabled multi-site perimeter security and CCTV integration
  • Simultaneous site monitoring and control from multiple client workstations
  • Automated perimeter alarm handling
    • Multi-camera PTZ preset activation
    • Graphical and audible alarm annunciation
    • Email or text message alarm notifications
  • Live map displays for each monitored site
  • Multi-camera live security videos with on-screen PTZ controls
  • Database-driven alarm management
  • Support for major DVR and NVR brands
  • Support for 3rd party sensor inputs
  • Access control integration support