FiberPatrol FP1100-X

Self-Healing Fence Intrusion Detection System – Fiber optic fence systems

The FiberPatrol® FP1100-X system features the most advanced fiber-optic sensor technology available for fence-line perimeter monitoring.

The FP1100-X pinpoints intrusion attempts to within one or two fence panels. Multiple simultaneous events, such as coordinated intrusions, are independently detected and localized. Reconfigurable virtual detections zones can be linked to camera presets and assigned individual sensitivity settings.

Based on the FiberPatrol X technology, the FP1100-X is the first and only fence perimeter security system to offer cut immunity. When a fence sensor is cut, either in an attempt to defeat security or through accidental damage, the system retains the ability to detect and pinpoint intrusion attempts up to the cut point. A self-healing sensor ring can be implemented by installing an FP1100-X sensor in a closed loop configuration. The same fiber-optic cable can be used for video and data transmission.