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Fiber Patrol

Optellios Inc. is a leading U.S. based fiberoptic technology company.

The Optellios FiberPatrol® product line features a suite of application specific, fiber-optic based intrusion detection and alarm management solutions capable of locating one or more point of intrusion to within 10′s of feet. The FiberPatrol system has been deployed to protect numerous critical infrastructure applications.

The FiberPatrol solutions offer benefits and features that you will not receive with any other fiber-optic perimeter and infrastructure security system:

Long Range Fiber-Optic Sensor :

  • No electrical power required in the field
  • EMI / RFI and lightning immunity
  • Built-in fiber-optic video and data links
  • Multiple I/O options for system integration
  • Economy-of-scale pricing

Location Sensing :

  • Accurate location of intrusion attempts
  • Detection of multiple simultaneous events
  • GPS mapping of site perimeter
  • Mixed application capability
  • Reconfigurable virtual detection zones
  • Intrinsic rejection of non-localized events

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