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FiberPatrol® FP2100-X

In-Ground Intrusion Detection System

The FiberPatrol FP2100-X perimeter intrusion detection system uses in-ground fiber-optic vibration sensors to detect humans and vehicles crossing over the sensor area. Covert FP2100-X sensors are non-metallic and produce no electro-magnetic emissions or heat, which makes them not merely invisible, but virtually undetectable.

The FP2100-X sensors are compatible with a wide range of soil types and can be discreetly incorporated into landscaped areas, where security fencing may not be desirable on an aesthetic basis. Alternatively, the FP2100-X can be used as a second layer of intrusion detection, in conjunction with fence- or wall-mounted sensors.

The FP2100-X system offers all of the key benefits of the FiberPatrol X technology, including long-range sensing capability, pinpoint location accuracy, detection of multiple simultaneous events, and cable cut immunity. The FP2100-X additionally features greatly enhanced detection sensitivity to enable detection and location of intruder footsteps.


  • Invisible and undetectable buried sensor
  • Essential part of multi-layer security
  • Highly sensitive to foot traffic
  • Simple installation methods