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FiberPatrol® FP4100-X

Mixed Application Intrusion Detection System

The FP4100-X fiber-optic intrusion detection system takes full advantage of the FiberPatrol X sensor technology to offer mixed application capability within a single installation. An FP4100-X sensor can provide uninterrupted protection for a complex perimeter by transitioning between fences, walls, and open areas, where it can buried in ground for pedestrian detection.

The FP4100-X system software is configured to apply one of several application-specific signal processing algorithms at each point along its sensor cable. This makes it possible to have dramatically higher detection sensitivity in the buried segments compared to the above-ground segments of the same sensor.

The FP4100-X system offers all of the key benefits of the FiberPatrol X technology, including long-range sensing capability, pinpoint location accuracy, detection of multiple simultaneous events, and cable cut immunity.


  • Covert Detection
  • Invisible and undetectable buried sensor
  • Essential part of multi-layer security
  • Highly sensitive to foot traffic
  • Simple installation methods