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FiberPatrol FP1210/FP1220

Hardened Multi-Zone Intrusion Detection Systems

The FiberPatrol FP1210 and FP1220 are low-cost additions to the FiberPatrol line of perimeter intrusion detection systems.

These FP 1200 systems are based on hardware-defined fixed detection zones and are suitable for smaller sites, such as rural electrical substations or oil field well-heads. Although primarily used in chain-link fence perimeter applications, hardened multi-zone intrusion detection systems are also available for other deployment scenarios.

Each environmentally hardened alarm processor module can supports up to four zones, multiplexed in a standard FiberPatrol sensor cable. The processor modules are available as standalone panel-mount boxes (FP1210) or as plug-in cards for a rack-mount chassis (FP1220).


  • Standalone alarm processor modules
  • Plug-in version for rack-mount chassis
  • Hardened for outdoor deployment
  • Self-configuring and self-monitoring
  • No field configuration required
  • DSP-enabled intelligent signal processing
  • On-board nuisance alarm rejection through multi sensor correlation analysis
  • Pre-terminated sensors available for quick deployment
  • Unlimited number of sensors per system
  • Up to five miles per sensor
  • Up to 30 miles of insensitive lead cable
  • Relay contact, serial, and IP interfaces