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FiberPatrolĀ® FP6100-X

Third Party Interference (TPI) for Pipeline Infrastructure and Monitoring

The FiberPatrol FP6100-X advanced intrusion detection system is specially designed to promote physical security of buried pipelines and other in-ground infrastructure.

The FP6100-X system utilizes a fiber-optic cable buried along a pipeline to detect and locate ground vibrations associated with third-party interference activity. Existing fiber-optic communication cables, buried together with pipelines, can often be retrofitted to enable pipeline monitoring.

The FP6100-X system detects excavation activity in a pipelineā€™s right-of-way long before the digging equipment can reach the sensing cable and the pipe itself. By providing an early warning and the precise location of an incident, a FiberPatrol system can help responders prevent costly damage.

The FP6100-X system offers all of the key benefits of the FiberPatrol X technology, including long-range sensing capability, pinpoint location accuracy, detection of multiple simultaneous events, and cable cut immunity. Multiple FP6100-X systems can be daisy-chained and monitored from a central location.


Advanced Pipeline Monitoring
  • Early-warning detection of TPI
  • Detection of catastrophic events
  • Highly sensitive in all ground conditions
  • Retrofit deployment on telecom cables
  • Daisy-chain linking for longer pipelines
  • Integration with pipeline control systems