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FiberPatrol® FP3100-X

Wall-Mounted Intrusion Detection System

The FiberPatrol® FP3100-X wall-mounted intrusion detection systems are designed to detect and report intruders attempting to scale or breach masonry walls.

These systems can be installed to monitor walls, building facades, rooftops, bridges, and other architectural structures. Multiple cable installation options are available to effectively match wall construction, owner requirements, and budget targets. Low-profile cable installation has minimal impact on the appearance of decorative walls.

The FP3100-X system detects any attempt to climb over a wall that disturbs the sensor cable, including such intruder actions as leaning a ladder against the edge of the wall, tossing a rope over the wall, and grabbing the edge of the wall to pull up.

The FP3100-X system offers all of the key benefits of the FiberPatrol X technology, including long-range sensing capability, pinpoint location accuracy, detection of multiple simultaneous events, and cable cut immunity.


All FiberPatrol Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Wall-Top Intrusion Detection
  • Detects wall scaling and breach attempts
  • Low-profile to preserve visual appeal
  • Retrofit installation on existing wall