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Mushroom Networks, Incorporated, is a San Diego, California-based company with the mission to provide innovative networking solutions. Our products and services are focused on a range of networking solutions for enterprises and small/medium sized businesses in various industries. Our solutions bridge the technology gap to the future by enabling applications today, that are otherwise not possible. Mushroom Networks was founded in 2004 as a spin-off from the University of California at San Diego (UCSD). The leadership team has over 70 years of collective cutting edge research and development experience in the networking field, and has management experiences at a wide array of companies from small and large technology enterprises to venture capital.

Internet Link Bonding

Link Bonding is a methodology in which multiple internet links are effectively combined together into a single virtual pipe, so that the data transfer rate of the virtual pipe is the sum of the data transfer rates of all internet links.

Types Of Link Supported?

On single appliance, multiple types of links and from different service providers can be combined into one virtual internet link.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Link Bonding?

Multiply Your Internet Bandwidth

By using link bonding appliances, an organization can multiple the total bandwidth available for a single session or download, to the combined bandwidth of all available internet links.

Automatic Internet Link Failover and Recovery

By using link bonding appliances, an IT administrator does not have to worry about internet link failures, downtimes, reconfigurations and link failure recovery. Link Bonding appliance does these tasks transparently, as default behavior. A customer having 4 internet links (3 ADSL links and 1 Lease Line) will only see internet downtime, when all 4 links fail. As long as a single internet link is active, the internet traffic will continue flowing uninterrupted. Whenever the failed internet links come up, the appliance will automatically detect and utilize it without interrupting user traffic or downloads.

Emergency 3G/4G Ports

All standalone appliances support built-in 3G/4G ports, which can be used as “EMERGENCY” failback link and can be triggered, on-demand basis.

Built-In Dynamic DNS Client to Access Servers Over ADSL

ADSL lines do not have static IP address and therefore IT administrators cannot access inbound servers over the internet. By using built-in dynamic DNS client, an IT administrator can access servers from outside by using logical names assigned to them.