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1. How is Poliwall different from an IDS?
An IDS uses deep packet inspection to detect signatures of know malware or intrusion attempts. Poliwall works by blocking high-risk traffic from IP addresses that have previously been associated with malicious behavior. By using the "IP Reputation" of the external IP address, Poliwall can block malicious traffic when a signature is not currently available, helping reduce the possibility of zero-hour security breaches.

2. Will Poliwall slow down my network?
No. Poliwall's high-speed filtering algorithms can process packets with virtually no latency. Even our entry level products can process over 100,000 packets per second.

3. Will I have to reconfigure my routers and firewalls?
No. Poliwall is a layer-2 IP bridge device. Simply insert it between the firewall and router and turn it on. You won't even need to flush an ARP cache.

4. Does Poliwall have to go between the firewall and router?
No. It can go anywhere in the network where you want to stop malicious activity. Between the firewall and router is usually the best place, but each network is different.